1. Is Your Outdoor Lighting Ready for Your Vacation?

    Even though July is almost over, you and your family may not have taken your annual summer vacation yet. Everyone has been busy with work and summer activities, but you’re planning on going somewhere fun in the next few weeks. As you’re packing your suitcases, your main concerns are that you have everything you need and that the house will be secure while you’re gone. Your outdoor lighting p…Read More

  2. Are Your Outdoor Lights Ready for Summer?

    The official beginning of summer might still be nearly two months away, but when it comes to your outdoor lighting, it’s never too early to begin preparing for the season. At Southern Lights, our lighting showroom is filled with landscape fixtures, porch lights, and everything else you need to make your yard and the front of your house look great this summer. Whether you have outdated fixtures, …Read More

  3. New Outdoor Lights for Winter

    As you already likely know, winters in Minnesota can be rather harsh. Regular snow and wind can make the season seem even longer, and there’s nothing much more comforting than coming home after a long day and seeing that porch light glowing by your front door. Your home’s exterior lighting is very important, especially during the winter, when the days are shorter. At Southern Lights, we can he…Read More

  4. What Outdoor Upgrades Are You Making Before Summer?

    Springtime has finally arrived in Burnsville, and at Southern Lights, we hope that you’re enjoying the sunny weather and longer days. Before you know it, summer will arrive, and you’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors. When it comes to your exterior lighting, it’s important to have the proper design for your outdoor spaces, and our staff can help you find everything from landscape fixtur…Read More

  5. Update Your Porch Lights Before Spring

    Even though it’s the middle of December and you know that winter in Minnesota can last well into March, you may still be thinking about that first evening in 2018 when you and the family can sit out on the front porch. At Southern Lights in Burnsville, we love helping homeowners find the perfect outdoor lighting, and the right porch light can set the tone for the entire exterior of your home. If…Read More

  6. Maintaining Your Landscape Lighting This Winter

    November is almost here, and with snow in the forecast for the Burnsville area, people are preparing themselves and their homes for winter weather. At Southern Lights, we always want people to be safe once winter arrives, and part of that safety comes from having the proper exterior lighting around one’s home. If there are broken or missing fixtures, there might be a dark spot where someone does…Read More

  7. Adding an Outdoor Kitchen? Add New Outdoor Lights!

    You may have a dedicated area in your backyard where your grill sits and where you cook brats and burgers during the summer, but if you have plans to add a complete outdoor kitchen, then you’ll need new outdoor lighting! You may have grand designs for a cooking area, seating area, and perhaps even a fire pit, and at Southern Lights, we can help you find the ideal exterior lighting options. Wheth…Read More

  8. Update Your Patio Lighting This Spring

    Winter will linger for few more weeks in Minnesota, but before long, spring weather will be here. If you’re someone who enjoys sitting outside when on those cool but comfortable evenings, it’s important that your porch or patio have the proper lighting. At Southern Lights in Burnsville, we can help you choose new outdoor lighting for all your seating areas, from your backyard deck or patio to …Read More

  9. How Bright Should My Outdoor Lighting Be?

    When thinking about your outdoor lighting, you most likely focus on the style and placement of your exterior fixtures. You don’t think too much about the brightness of your fixtures, at least until you notice that a certain light isn’t bright enough or doesn’t cast enough light on an architectural or design feature of your home. The amount of lumens each fixture produces is obviously based o…Read More

  10. Begin Planning Your Spring Outdoor Lighting Now

    Thanksgiving is nearly here, and while you may be thinking about the holidays and the lights you’re going to hang on the outside of your house, it’s never too early to begin thinking about your outdoor lighting for spring of next year. You may have begun an exterior renovation project that had to be put on hold once colder weather hit, but you have every intention of resuming work once the gro…Read More