1. Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

    Many modern homeowners are searching for ways to make their houses more energy efficient, and by doing everything from replacing old windows to adding more insulation, they’re able to cut down on their monthly utility costs. However, if their lighting has been neglected, they’ve missed a huge opportunity for reducing their monthly spending on electricity. At Southern Lights, we love helping pe…Read More

  2. The Best Closet Lighting

    The closet can be a forgotten space inside your home, and next to the hallway, can be the one space where you don’t think too much about the lights that are inside of it. You may have grown up with a closet that had a single bulb (that perhaps could only be turned on with a pull string), but now that you have your own home, you want your closet to be spacious and well-lit. Whether you’re renov…Read More

  3. Lighting Options for House Flippers

    If you’re someone who flips houses for a living, then you know how important it is to find the best options at the best prices, no matter if it’s lumber for construction or lighting for interior finishing. At Southern Lights in Burnsville, we love to work with people who are working on flipping a house, and we know you want the very best light fixtures for your property. You may be living in t…Read More

  4. Make Your Bedroom More Functional With New Lighting

    Your bedroom is a part of the house that few people see, but a part where you perhaps spend a majority of your time when no one else is home. You might watch a movie or TV show before bed, or read a good book before turning out the lights. It's important for your bedroom to be both comfortable and functional, and only with the proper lighting can you accomplish both. At Southern Lights, we love he…Read More

  5. Come by For a Live Broadcast of MyTalk 107.1!

    At Southern Lights, we're dedicated to providing Minnesota with the finest lighting solutions, but that is only one part of how we want to impact our community. We love helping people find the perfect fixtures and bulbs, but we also want to inspire real change throughout the state. Next Wednesday, June 29th, our lighting store will be hosting a live broadcast from 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. with Jason…Read More

  6. The Perfect Contemporary Lighting Options

    Updating your home lighting might seem like a challenge, but when you have the help of experts who understand contemporary lighting and how to make it work in your house, the challenge quickly goes away. At Southern Lights in Burnsville, we're proud to be your Minnesota lighting store, and can help you find fixtures for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and more. It doesn't matter if you're renovat…Read More