Designing Your Office

As more and more jobs are able to be done from home, you’ll need to design your office in the best way possible so that it fits your work style and job. Since there are too many jobs to get into specifics, we’ll look at a few different careers or situations and discuss how some of the options from Southern Lights can help you build a great home office.

Firstly, you’ll need to consider if you are working by yourself or with a partner. If the office is your space, you’ll be able to design the lighting however you would like. If you prefer a dim environment, you can optimize with several lamps or interesting accent and task lights. But if you share the space with a roommate, business partner, or spouse, you will need to take their needs into account as well. Depending on where your office is, you may also want to design the lighting and room so it feels cohesive with the whole home and adds to the overall beauty and style you are going for.

Does your job involve a lot of reading and physical writing? Then you’ll need a couple task lights that will provide you with warm, helpful lighting so you do not strain your eyes as you go over documents or take notes. But if the reading and writing is done on several computer monitors, you may not need the lights around your desk to be quite as bright. In this case, you could focus on a strong ambient fixture, but then remove or reduce the task lighting.

If you are an artist of any kind, the task lighting will be imperative. Depending on your process, having moveable task lights can be extremely helpful as you shift focus from one project to the next. You could also layer in some accent lighting to not only bring beauty to your tools and artistic implements, but to also make it easier for you as you go to find the next thing you will need.