Entertainment Center Lighting +

If you’re going to utilize your living or family room as an entertainment center, you will need to be especially careful when it comes to the lighting layout and organization. This is mainly due to the fact that many hanging ambient lights will produce a glare on the television if they are not positioned correctly in conjunction with your furniture. You may consider primarily accent lighting around the entertainment center. These could include rope lights or lighting strips. Partnered along with a few task lights like lamps, you can create a strong impression and be ready to binge your next favorite show on Netflix!

Conversational Lighting +

Will you use your living room for mostly conversational purposes? Maybe you and your family enjoy a quiet night with a puzzle and glass of wine or a few board games. If you need to focus on a table or center area, your ambient lighting can be widely varied and include pendants, chandeliers, or recessed lights. Once again, adding a few lamps so you can sit and peacefully read a book in the calm of the morning, or bring the focus onto your body as you do your daily yoga exercises.

Lighting For Guests Or Play +

Enjoy entertaining? Whether you’re planning on having guests over frequently, or you need a play area for your children and grandchildren, you will want a lot of natural feeling ambient light. This will provide the feeling of openness, and illuminate all of the available areas. You could also purchase some dimmable accent lighting so you are able to relax during the days when nobody is over.