Art Deco +

Today’s Art Deco lighting hearkens back to the 1920s and 30s, a time when design and architecture embraced large geometric shapes, zig-zag lines, and grandiose ideas. Art Deco lighting can be a perfect choice for your dining room, especially for the chandelier. The clean lines and glass elements make it easy for an Art Deco chandelier to match any design ideas you have, and the fixture will definitely act as a focal point for the space.

European Style +

You’ve likely been in a few homes where the dining room chandelier was one of the most ornate and elaborate light fixtures you’d ever seen. There may have been crystals hanging from the chandelier, and the curved lines and embellishments captured your attention right away. If this is something you want for your home, then European-style lighting is probably the best way to go. You can find fixtures that have multiple layers with brilliant finishes, and that look like something you would find in a palace in medieval France or England. The intricate details will catch the eye of every guest who comes to dinner!

Contemporary Lighting +

Contemporary light fixtures range from simple designs that value function over form to truly sculptural fixtures with multiple colors and lines. You might find lights that have metallic finishes such as chrome or nickel, and if this is something you’re looking for, our team can provide you with plenty of options. Perhaps you want a dining room that feels modern and sophisticated. If so, contemporary lighting is the way to go.

There are, of course, many other lighting styles to choose from, and our staff can provide details about each one in our showroom. Contact us today with any questions!