1. Get Your Ceiling Fans Ready for Winter

    September is nearly half over, and in Burnsville, that often means that the temperatures will begin to drop, especially during the night. You may not be turning on your furnace quite yet, but as October approaches, you might give more thought to switching on the heat. We’ve written before about the benefits of utilizing your ceiling fans during winter, and we feel it’s important to reiterate i…Read More

  2. A Ceiling Fan for a Large Room

    While it may seem simple enough to pick a ceiling fan for a particular room (after all, it just has to fit on the ceiling, right?), there’s a bit more that goes into it than that. You want the fan to be able to adequately cool the room, with or without the help of your air conditioner, and that requires you to properly size your new fixture. At Southern Lights, we’ve helped many homeowners cho…Read More

  3. Utilizing Your Ceiling Fans During Winter

    November is now here, and that means Minnesotans are preparing for the cold that comes with late fall and early winter. While the snow hasn’t fallen yet, it’s not too far away, and that means it’s time to get your home ready for colder weather. You have your furnace checked and make sure your windows aren’t letting in any drafts, but what about your ceiling fans? Your fans are very importa…Read More

  4. An Outdoor Ceiling Fan for Your Patio

    While it's not possible to sit outside year-round in Minnesota, there are still a few weeks in the summer when the weather is perfect for enjoying your deck or patio. You might enjoy your morning coffee or have supper with the entire family on your patio, and it's the perfect spot to end a long day. However, if the weather is a bit too warm or there isn't enough airflow, an outdoor ceiling fan is …Read More

  5. Contemporary Ceiling Fans for the Entire House

    Ceiling fans come in many shapes and sizes, and finding the appropriate fixtures for your home can seem like a challenge. With help from the experts at Southern Lights, you can find a fan for every room of your house. In this blog, we'll go room by room through your house, providing tips on the best fans for each space. Bedroom Keeping cool at night may be the only way you can sleep soundly, and w…Read More