1. Giving the Gift of Home Decor

    If you have a friend who recently finished building a new home, and has invited you to their housewarming party, you want to find something unique to give as a gift. A bottle of wine or a candle can make a great gift, but if you’re truly close to your friend, you want to buy them something that signifies your friendship and extends congratulations and well wishes on the completion of their new h…Read More

  2. An Outdoor Ceiling Fan for Your Patio

    While it's not possible to sit outside year-round in Minnesota, there are still a few weeks in the summer when the weather is perfect for enjoying your deck or patio. You might enjoy your morning coffee or have supper with the entire family on your patio, and it's the perfect spot to end a long day. However, if the weather is a bit too warm or there isn't enough airflow, an outdoor ceiling fan is …Read More

  3. Rail and Track Lighting Add Decorative Elements

    It's been a long time since home lighting was simply thought of in functional terms, and the decorative elements it offers have become an integral part of any interior design. Manufacturers are always striving to come up with new and exciting lighting forms, and one area that has seen a transformation is rail and track lighting. In years past, one might only see track lighting in an art gallery or…Read More

  4. Make Your Bedroom More Functional With New Lighting

    Your bedroom is a part of the house that few people see, but a part where you perhaps spend a majority of your time when no one else is home. You might watch a movie or TV show before bed, or read a good book before turning out the lights. It's important for your bedroom to be both comfortable and functional, and only with the proper lighting can you accomplish both. At Southern Lights, we love he…Read More

  5. New Lighting for Your Game Room

    Every house needs a space where the family can go to play games, whether it's video games on the TV, a vintage pinball machine, or a classic pool table. The game room is where the family can relax and have fun, and finding the appropriate lighting for the space can make all the difference. At Southern Lights, our showroom is filled with options that are perfectly ideal for your game or billiards r…Read More

  6. Contemporary Ceiling Fans for the Entire House

    Ceiling fans come in many shapes and sizes, and finding the appropriate fixtures for your home can seem like a challenge. With help from the experts at Southern Lights, you can find a fan for every room of your house. In this blog, we'll go room by room through your house, providing tips on the best fans for each space. Bedroom Keeping cool at night may be the only way you can sleep soundly, and w…Read More

  7. Find That Finishing Touch with New Home Accents

    Designing a room takes careful planning and quite a bit of time, but with the right approach, any room in your home can feel more comfortable and inviting. You've spent the time picking out the light fixtures, the paint colors, and the furniture, now all that's left is finding the perfect home decor. At Southern Lights, we can help you find home accents that will put the finishing touch on any roo…Read More

  8. Redesigning Your Landscaping? Add New Outdoor Lights!

    Redesigning your landscaping can be very exciting, especially if you're finally achieving your goal of creating the yard of your dreams. You've hired the very best landscape experts and picked out the sod, shrubs, and flowers that will populate your yard, but what about your outdoor lights? Properly lighting your new landscaping is the only way to highlight any new features, as well as ensure you …Read More

  9. New Bathroom Fixtures for Your Master Bath

    When you purchased your home, one of the main selling points may have been the master bathroom. It was large, luxurious, and you could see yourself getting ready in the morning and relaxing in the evening with a nice, hot bath. Over the years, however, you may have thought a few times about changing or updating the bathroom light fixtures. Your tastes may have changed, or you may have seen a moder…Read More

  10. Come by For a Live Broadcast of MyTalk 107.1!

    At Southern Lights, we're dedicated to providing Minnesota with the finest lighting solutions, but that is only one part of how we want to impact our community. We love helping people find the perfect fixtures and bulbs, but we also want to inspire real change throughout the state. Next Wednesday, June 29th, our lighting store will be hosting a live broadcast from 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. with Jason…Read More