1. Updating Your Hallway Bathroom

    Last time, we wrote about updating your living room lighting and how you can make the space more versatile. In this post, we’ll look at a space in your house that doesn’t always receive a lot of attention – the hallway bathroom. This room may be a guest bath or a powder room, and it may only get used when you have people over to visit. Regardless of the frequency it’s used, it might be tim…Read More

  2. Updating Your Living Room Lighting

    Your living room is used for everything from family game night to entertaining guests during dinner parties. The furniture and decor is situated to give you the optimal setting for any purpose, but does your living room lighting allow for all these functions to be done with ease? At Southern Lights, we’re here to help you find the perfect fixtures, whether it’s a chandelier or new wall sconces…Read More

  3. Get Your Ceiling Fans Ready for Winter

    September is nearly half over, and in Burnsville, that often means that the temperatures will begin to drop, especially during the night. You may not be turning on your furnace quite yet, but as October approaches, you might give more thought to switching on the heat. We’ve written before about the benefits of utilizing your ceiling fans during winter, and we feel it’s important to reiterate i…Read More

  4. Looking at Lighting in a New House

    If you’re looking for a new house, you most likely have a list of things you want to find in each property. It needs to have a certain number of bedrooms, the kitchen has to be modern, and you want it to have a big yard. However, there is one aspect that cannot be forgotten – the lighting! No matter what size or type of house you’re looking at, it’s important to inspect the lighting and as…Read More

  5. Schedule Your In-Home Lighting Consultation!

    When people visit our lighting showroom, we love helping them find the perfect fixtures for every room in their house. Our expert team is always ready to help the next person who walks through the door, but what if you could have that expert assistance walk through your door instead? At Southern Lights, we are proud to offer in-home lighting consultation services that make it easy to find the fixt…Read More

  6. A Ceiling Fan for a Large Room

    While it may seem simple enough to pick a ceiling fan for a particular room (after all, it just has to fit on the ceiling, right?), there’s a bit more that goes into it than that. You want the fan to be able to adequately cool the room, with or without the help of your air conditioner, and that requires you to properly size your new fixture. At Southern Lights, we’ve helped many homeowners cho…Read More

  7. Lighting Your Office’s Entryway

    When people visit your office for the first time, they get a sense of what your company is like by looking at the decor and furniture in the entryway or lobby. Of course they can’t see any of the decor or furniture clearly unless there’s proper lighting, and your office lighting design can go a long way in providing a positive or negative first impression. If there’s too much light or the fi…Read More

  8. Understanding Decorative Lighting

    When lighting your home, the main focus is often on ambient, accent, and task fixtures. The first, ambient lighting, takes care of all of your general illumination needs, and without it, your house would be a rather dark place. Accent and task lighting are fairly obvious, as they accentuate the architectural features and make certain activities easier to complete. However, there is a fourth catego…Read More

  9. Check Out Our Clearance Sale!

    Lighting your home can be expensive, and you may have been putting off getting new fixtures until you could save a bit more and increase your budget. While it’s important to save enough for any home upgrade, you may miss out on some styles and designs that are discontinued when new styles come out. At Southern Lights, we have a fantastic selection of items on clearance, and our current sale can …Read More

  10. Lighting Rx for Your Home!

    Southern Lights is excited to announce our all new in-home lighting consultation service! Please contact Becky Loebertmann at our Burnsville, MN showroom for more details! (952) 890-8977  or  becky@southernlightsinc.com…Read More