At Southern Lights, we’re always excited to provide our customers with new and exciting light fixtures for their home or business. When it comes to modern lighting, everyone has their preference, and there will be some trends that inspire you, while others leave you wanting more. When you visit our store, you’ll find an outstanding selection of options that will fit any room in your house, and our expert team will gladly provide guidance and assistance, if necessary.

You may stay up-to-date on contemporary lighting, so you know which trends are in vogue and which ones are best left in the past. Even if you’re not, you may browse through magazines and catalogs from time to time, and you know what type of light fixtures you prefer. In this post, we’ll look at a few modern trends and how you can incorporate them into your new lighting design.

Geometric Fixtures

Long gone are the days when the only fixture shapes you could find were square and round. Asymmetrical geometric fixtures, along with triangular, diamond-shaped, and hexagonal options are all over the lighting market, and these unique shapes can make the perfect centerpiece for your living room or dining room. Pendants and chandeliers now incorporate multiple lines and angles, and instead of something traditional, you can opt for something modern and chic that brightens your home.

No More Odd Numbers

For many years, interior designers have focused on putting multiple light fixtures together in groups of odd numbers. You would have three pendants above your kitchen island, or five above your basement bar. While this can still be perfectly applicable to many spaces, it’s not always imperative to have an odd number of fixtures. Your new kitchen or bar area may look great with two oversized fixtures, or four pendants may make the space feel more balanced. If you’re updating your home, don’t feel like you have to stick to the “group-of-three” rule.

Finding a Statement Fixture

Many modern home designs really on statement pieces, whether that’s a fountain that’s incorporated into the landscaping or a light fixture in the living room. When it comes to lighting, you may want a big, awe-inspiring fixture that immediately draws the eye when you walk in the room. Whereas your parents or grandparents had smaller lights that simply provided illumination for a space, you want a grand fixture that goes above functionality and inspires the design elements in the rest of the room. When picking a statement fixture, make sure it will look balanced within the desired room. Our experts can help you find the right option for any space in your home.

Find Your New Lighting Today!

Lighting trends come and go, but the one thing that you can count on is that the team at Southern Lights will be here to help you find the best fixtures for your home. If you have questions about a certain style of lighting, or if you want to know whether or not you should install three pendants or four, then please visit our store today. We’re always adding new inventory to our showroom, and we understand which styles are popular now, which ones are on their way out, and which ones will be fashionable in the future. We stay on top of trends and fads so that you don’t have to!

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