When you walk into a room, are you happy with the amount of light that it has, or is the first thing you notice how dark and dreary it is? Whatever the case may be, it’s always important to be aware of your home’s lighting needs and to adjust fixtures where necessary. If your living room seems to be oversaturated with light, or if your basement is so dark that it’s hard to walk around down there without bumping into things, then Southern Lights is here to help. As your local lighting store, we can help you find the right fixtures to address your biggest lighting needs.

The First Floor

Starting with the first floor of your house, what do you think the most pressing needs are in terms of lighting? This floor likely contains your living room or family room, the kitchen, a bathroom or two, and perhaps a home office. It’s of course where the front entry is, and if the entrance to your house is too dim, you may want to start there. Welcoming people to your home with plenty of light is key to making them feel comfortable as they step inside the house.

Take a few minutes to walk through the first floor of your home. Are there lights that shine directly in your face as you enter a room? Are there fixtures that seem outdated and could perhaps stand to be upgraded? Our experienced team can help you find the right options for your powder room, kitchen, living room, and any other space on your home’s first level.

The Second Floor

If your home has a second floor, then it’s likely where your bedrooms are located. It could also be where the master bathroom is, along with the guest bathroom. This area isn’t seen by many people, other than family members or overnight guests, but that doesn’t mean that the lighting shouldn’t be perfect. If you’ve been thinking about updating the vanity fixture in your master bathroom, or if the lighting in the guest bathroom doesn’t seem to be bright enough, put those two items on the top of your needs list. It’s important for you and your guests to be comfortable, whether you’re in the bathroom or the bedroom, and we can help you find the right options for your second level.

The Basement

Many homeowners have taken their basement and turned it into more living and sleeping space, and if you’ve recently done that, or are planning to do that, then it’s important to know what lighting you need. Instead of a dark and dingy basement that nobody wants to use, you can have a bright and inviting space that’s just as comfortable as your living room on the first floor or your bedroom on the second. At Southern Lights, we can help you find fixtures for your home theater area or game room that’s located in your basement.

Visit our store today to find the perfect fixtures for your home. Whatever your biggest lighting needs are, we can meet them!