Summer is almost officially here, and with Memorial Day just a few days away, the unofficial start of the season has arrived. At Southern Lights, we love summer, with its warm temperatures and longer days. You might be planning on spending some more time at home this summer, and as you go through each room, you may find that certain lights need to be fixed or updated. As your local lighting store, we can help you find the perfect fixtures for any space.

During the summer, you likely spend most of your time in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, and the backyard. If you’re looking for lights for any of these spaces, then come to our showroom today to see what we have to offer!

Living Room Lighting

With more sunshine and longer days, your living room will be brighter during the summer. You’ll open the windows to let the summer breezes in, and you may not even turn on the lights until after the sun has set. However, you may also stay up later during the summer, especially on the weekends, and whether you’re watching TV or playing games in the living room, you’re going to need enough light.

New floor and table lamps, as well as an updated central ambient fixture, can make your living room more inviting. When you’re up late reading your favorite book on a Friday, you’ll be glad you have a well-placed lamp!

Bedroom Lighting

Sleeping in during the summer can be one of the best things about the season. While you still have to go to work during the week, the weekends can be for staying in bed and reading or watching TV in the morning. While you won’t be up before the sun is, you’ll still want to make sure your bedroom lighting is ready to go for the summer.

Perhaps your bedside lamps are looking a bit outdated, or the ceiling fan is making a lot of noise as it’s running. Whatever the case may be, it can be a good idea to update your bedroom lights before summer. You can also look into dimmer switches for lamps and overhead lights, which can come in handy on those days you do have to be up at the crack of dawn.

Kitchen Lighting

One thing you may like to do more of during the summer is cook. You’re home more often, so why not try to whip up some tasty meals or try some recipes you’ve never before attempted? When it comes to kitchen lighting, you’ll want fixtures that make the space safe and functional, as well as inviting.

New island lighting, under cabinet lighting, and other options can make your kitchen brighter and more enjoyable than ever before. Whether you’re standing at the sink washing dishes or having a cup of coffee with an old friend, the lighting in the room will play a role in every situation.

Outdoor Lighting

No summer lighting blog would be complete without talking about outdoor lights. Your backyard might be where you spend most of the season, so it’s important that every area is properly illuminated. After all, you’re going to have friends, family, and neighbors over for barbecues and pool parties, so why not update your exterior lighting?

Our showroom has everything from porch lights to pathway lights, and we can help you find the right fixtures for every outdoor space. If you’re building a new deck or pouring a new patio, make sure your lighting design is on point by contacting us today.

At Southern Lights, we hope that you enjoy this summer and that you’re able to make new memories as you spend time with family and friends. If you’re looking for new lighting for any of the areas mentioned above, or any other areas in your home, then come to our store today.

We look forward to helping you!