The Burnsville area is a great place to live and work. There’s plenty to see and do, and you’re not far from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. If you’re thinking about moving to the area, or you’re planning to open a business nearby, then you’ve likely scheduled a trip to look at potential properties. At Southern Lights, we’d love to meet you while you’re in town, and help you find the perfect lighting options for your new home or business.

Residential Properties

If you’re planning to buy a new home in the area, then it’s a good idea to give yourself a few days to see several properties. You’re already making the trip, so there’s no need to try to pack in as much you can in a short period of time. Ask your realtor to show you properties in different parts of Burnsville so that you can get a sense of what the city has to offer. Driving around can also give you a lay of the land and help you understand where things are situated.

Checking out local restaurants and businesses near your potential new home can also help you understand what your options are when it comes to dining and shopping. If you visit our lighting showroom, our staff will gladly help you find new fixtures that could work in your new house, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the community. Above all, we want you to feel confident that you’ve made the right choice in deciding to move to the area.

Commercial Properties

Opening a business can be quite the undertaking, and you’ve likely invested a lot of time and money into the endeavor. If you’re looking for a new commercial space in Burnsville, you may be holding out for the perfect building that offers everything you want. However, the reality is often that you have to purchase something that’s in need of some updates. If that’s the case, then our team can help you find the appropriate fixtures for every office, waiting room, or reception area. If you’re opening a restaurant or diner, we can help you find lights that will create the ambiance that you want, and that will have your customers talking about your establishment for weeks following their visit.

Relocating your family or business can be stressful, but if you’re in town looking at homes or commercial properties, then let Southern Lights help you find the ideal lighting solutions. You may not have signed on the dotted line yet, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start looking at new light fixtures.

If you’re in town for a few days, then stop by our store at 12550 West Frontage Road to see what we have to offer. We’re right off of I-35 West and Highway 13 East, so you won’t to navigate a bunch of unknown streets to get to us. We’re open Monday through Saturday, and you can call us at (952) 378-2190 or fill out the form below to get more information about our showroom.

We look forward to meeting you!

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