Your home can be filled with the most beautiful light fixtures, but if you don’t have the proper bulbs in each fixture, then you could be losing out on enjoying your lights to their fullest. At Southern Lights in Burnsville, we can help you find new fixtures for your house, as well as recommend the ideal bulbs for each light. Whether you’re reading, watching TV, or working on a project, it’s important to have the proper lighting!

The Best Bulbs for Reading

While your parents may have told you that reading in low light would hurt your eyes, worsening eyesight is often just an effect of the aging process. However, it is important to have proper light for reading so that you don’t experience headaches or eye strain as you’re trying to decipher the words on the pages.

You may have the perfect table or floor lamp next to your favorite chair, but do you have the perfect bulb in that lamp? You’ll want to be sure that it has enough lumens, or light output, for reading. Depending on your age, you may need a bulb with anywhere from 450 to 1500 lumens. If you’re 20 to 30, you can probably see fine with 600 to 800 lumens, but if you’re over 60, you may need 1000 to 1500 lumens. Another thing to consider is having other lights in the room on while you’re reading. Sitting in a dim or darkened room with a lamp might seem more intimate, but it can actually put more strain on your eyes as you read.

The Best Bulbs for Kitchen Prep

It’s important to be able to see when you’re in the kitchen, since after all, it’s where you use sharp knives to cut and chop ingredients for dinner. The kitchen should be a bright, inviting space where it’s easy to see when you’re prepping a meal or washing the dishes. Lumens play a part here, of course, but perhaps more important is the color temperature of your bulbs.

The Kelvin (K) scale is what provides the range for color temperatures in light bulbs, and in the kitchen, you want “cooler” bulbs. Cooler bulb temperature actually registers higher on the Kelvin scale, since they provide light that has more blue and white in it, and is often more natural. Bulbs with a color temperature of 6000K to 8000K can be ideal for your kitchen, especially in the recessed lights and pendant fixtures. You don’t want that warm, yellow glow of the 3000K to 4500K bulbs that may find in your living room or bedroom lamps.

The Best Bulbs for Close-Up Tasks

If you work on a lot of projects, such as drawing or crafts, at a desk or workbench, then it’s important to have the right bulbs in your lamps. As with reading, you’ll want to have enough lumen output so that you can properly see the piece of paper or the material in your hand. As with kitchen prep, you’ll want a cooler bulb (higher K rating) so that your brain is stimulated and you remain productive while you work. Many desk and work lamps use small halogen bulbs, and our showroom staff can help you find the right options for your fixture. You’ll also want to make sure that the bulb doesn’t produce any glare on the work surface, since this can distract from your productivity. Positioning the lamp so it’s not directly above your head can also provide better illumination.

If you have questions about the right bulbs for the fixtures in your home, then come to Southern Lights today. We can help you find the appropriate products, and we’ll gladly answer your questions about how you can make your lighting work to the best of its ability.

We look forward to seeing you soon!