When thinking about your outdoor lighting, you most likely focus on the style and placement of your exterior fixtures. You don’t think too much about the brightness of your fixtures, at least until you notice that a certain light isn’t bright enough or doesn’t cast enough light on an architectural or design feature of your home. The amount of lumens each fixture produces is obviously based on the bulbs you use, and at Southern Lights, we can help you choose the best bulbs for all your outdoor lights. If your pathway lights seem too dim or your security lights seem too bright, our lighting experts can help you make the proper adjustments.

Pathway and Accsouthernlights_howbrightoutdoorlight_blog_innerimage1ent Lighting

If you have pathway or garden lights that are meant to accent and highlight your landscaping after the sun has set, you want to be sure they put out enough light, but aren’t so bright that they wash out the colors and contours of your yard. You may have lamp posts or path lights set every few feet, and it’s important to consider how they support and overlap each other. A reasonable lumen output for these accent lights is 100 to 180 lumens, and obviously the number of lights will increase how much light is focused on your sidewalk and landscaping. We can help you with fixture options, bulb choices, and even landscape lighting design!

Security and Motion Lights

If you have outdoor security or motion sensor lights, you know that they’re not there for decoration. They’re meant to protect your home and alert you when someone or something approaches your home, and you want to be sure they’re bright enough to scare off any unwanted trespasser. If your security lights aren’t illuminating your yard well enough, it might be time to replace the fixture or the bulbs. You want your floodlights to have an output of 700 to 1300 lumens, and we have plenty of fixture and bulb options in our showroom.

Be Smart About Your Lights

southernlights_howbrightoutdoorlight_blog_innerimage2With LED technology and more efficient fixture options, it’s easier to be smart about your outdoor lighting. Once you have the right bulbs with the appropriate lumens, it’s beneficial to think about how and where the fixtures are pointed. You don’t want your neighbors complaining about your floodlights shining through their bedroom window, and it’s important to think about light pollution and how bright your outdoor fixtures can be. Your city or homeowner’s association may have statutes or regulations on exterior lighting, and you don’t want to violate those. We can show you all of our landscape and outdoor light options, and work with you on choosing the best lights for your desired design and safety preferences. It’s important for people to be able to see as they approach your house, but you don’t want it to be too bright!

Southern Lights is proud to be your lighting provider in Minnesota. We’ve helped countless homeowners find the fixtures and bulbs they need for the best outdoor lighting solutions. Stop by our showroom today!