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  1. Picking Light Bulbs for Every Room in Your House

    You’ve taken the time to pick out the perfect fixtures for every room in your house, from the foyer chandelier to the wall sconces in your bedroom. You love how each one looks and how it functions within the room, but what about the bulbs for each fixture? The lamp or pendant should have a bulb rating associated with it, and the experts at Southern Lights can help you pick the best bulbs for ea…Read More

  2. What’s Your Lighting Personality?

    Everyone has a personality and it comes through in various ways. How you dress, the music you listen to, and how you decorate your home are all a part of expressing your personality, and when it comes to lighting, the styles you pick can reflect your personal preferences. At Southern Lights, we’ve met people of all types, and one of the first things we do when someone visits our showroom is hel…Read More

  3. Celebrate Our 30th Anniversary With Us!

    Since we first opened the doors of Southern Lights, we’ve been dedicated to providing every customer with the perfect lighting and design solutions. Even though it’s 30 years later and lighting has changed in so many ways, that dedication remains the same. We’re proud to be celebrating our 30th year in business, and if you’re looking for new lighting or decor for your home, visit our stor…Read More

  4. Update Your Patio Lighting This Spring

    Winter will linger for few more weeks in Minnesota, but before long, spring weather will be here. If you’re someone who enjoys sitting outside when on those cool but comfortable evenings, it’s important that your porch or patio have the proper lighting. At Southern Lights in Burnsville, we can help you choose new outdoor lighting for all your seating areas, from your backyard deck or patio to…Read More

  5. Decorative Lighting for Your Living Room

    It’s important for your living room lighting to be bright enough for all the activities you and your family enjoy in there, from playing board games to reading to watching TV. However, functionality and light output doesn’t have to come at the expense of design, and finding those decorative fixtures to spruce up a room can make the space feel more comfortable. Everything from funky floor lamp…Read More

  6. Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

    Many modern homeowners are searching for ways to make their houses more energy efficient, and by doing everything from replacing old windows to adding more insulation, they’re able to cut down on their monthly utility costs. However, if their lighting has been neglected, they’ve missed a huge opportunity for reducing their monthly spending on electricity. At Southern Lights, we love helping p…Read More

  7. Creating The Perfect Home Library

    If you’ve ever walked into an old bookstore, you may have been awed by the volumes upon volumes of old books arranged on dark wooden shelves that stretched to the ceiling. There may have been a ladder on rails that allowed the store owner to quickly retrieve a specific book for a customer. You may have spent hours there, looking through books and enjoying the store’s calm, serene atmosphere. …Read More

  8. Understanding Recessed Lighting

    If certain rooms in your home have low ceilings, recessed lights can be a perfect choice. Instead of worrying about installing a hanging fixture or a semi-flush light, you can illuminate the room with recessed fixtures. Recessed lights can provide the light you need and maintain the clean line your ceiling creates. These fixtures are a great choice for those striving for more of a minimalist desi…Read More

  9. How Bright Should My Outdoor Lighting Be?

    When thinking about your outdoor lighting, you most likely focus on the style and placement of your exterior fixtures. You don’t think too much about the brightness of your fixtures, at least until you notice that a certain light isn’t bright enough or doesn’t cast enough light on an architectural or design feature of your home. The amount of lumens each fixture produces is obviously based …Read More

  10. The Perfect Hallway Lighting

    The hallway, much like the closets in your home, can be forgotten about when it comes to lighting. You might not have a long hallway leading from your front door to your living room, or from your family room to the house’s bedrooms, but lighting each passage properly can be key to a home’s overall design and comfort. If the hall is too dark, people can have a hard time navigating it, and if i…Read More


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